mel_sum20162016 Fall League Champions: My Momma Don’t Like You

Welcome to the Carson League!

Heeeeere’s Johnny! Your beloved Carson league has returned to satisfy your dodgeball cravings. We play at the beautiful Veterans Park Sports Complex (once upon a time it was the practice facility of the Los Angeles Clippers back in the Eric Piatkowski days) every Thursday night from 8pm-10pm.

This league is a bit more competitive, very free agent friendly and consists of smaller teams (12-14 players) on smaller courts. Like your favorite cafe or small concert venue, this league provides a nice intimate experience.

Teams are co-ed and all games are played with the official no-sting rubber dodgeball of the World Dodgeball Society to sweet tunes all night. 

We’re currently on hiatus. Please check back again soon!

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League Managers

Feel free to contact the league managers with any questions, comments or crazy cat GIFs you may have:


Standings & Schedule

Stay tuned for the league schedule and team standings…