Melrose Foam

2019 Summer Champions: Butts Over Everything

Welcome to the Melrose Foam League!

We are located south of Santa Monica Blvd. and west of N La Brea Ave., at the Poinsettia Rec Center.

Foam League is coming to Poinsettia Rec on Sundays! Get your co-ed team of 6 ready to play (teams will play with 3 men and 3 women). It’s gonna be a 6-week season with multiple matchups per week and a 1-day, 4-hour playoff to conclude the season. We seek to make this a more competitive league and will be playing all games with modified WDBF rules and 7″ foam balls.

Note: While we want everyone to experience Melrose Foam and the advanced level of play, we cannot guarantee spots to free agents who are hoping to play without a team. Grab a friend (or 5) and register today!

Fall 2019 Kickoff: September 15th

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(No-Sting) Open Gyms: Every Sunday
Open gyms are from 12:30PM-2:30PM. Open to all skill levels and just $5 for two hours!

  • Game Day: Sundays, 8-week season concludes with a Super Ball Sunday Elimination
  • Location: Poinsettia Rec Center
  • Match Times: 2:30-3:30PM, 3:30-4:30PM or 4:30-5:30PM
  • Teams: 6 on the court – 3 men, 3 women (w/roster up to 8)
  • Cost: $75 per player for 6v6 dodgeball

League Format

  • 6v6 Co-Ed: Teams must begin every game with 3 guys and 3 girls on the court. No exceptions. Teams who do not satisfy this requirement will begin the game short-handed. Teams may have a max roster size of 8 players.
  • Waiver Subs: Teams in need of subs will select from a pool of approved, available players based on their position in the standings. The team positioned lowest in the standings will have the first choice, next lowest will have the second choice, so on and so forth.
  • Gameplay: Games will be played with 6 7″ foam balls, one of which will be colored to denote burden (10-second countdown). A female-only neutral zone will be in play. All headshots are an out for the player hit.

League Managers

David O’Brien & Marco Franzitta

Standings & Schedule

Stay tuned!