No Boyz Allowed

2019 Summer League No-Sting & Foam Champions: Snatched!

Welcome to the No Boyz Allowed League!

We’re located at a new facility this season: First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood

This is an all-girl dodgeball league and is perfect for newbies and veterans alike. All games are played with the official no-sting rubber dodgeball of the World Dodgeball Society and to sweet tunes all night.

Foam & No-Sting!
Weeks will alternate between no-sting and foam balls!

No-Sting Overview:
  • 7 World Dodgeball Society no-sting balls
  • 15-second burden
  • Burden (ball control) count resets after majority balls are turned over to the opposing team
Foam Overview:
  • 6 WDBF balls
  • 10-second burden
  • Burden (ball control) count resets after a ball is thrown across the center line by either team

Fall 2019 Kickoff: Wednesday, September 25th

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Player Referral Program
Get $10 off your next season’s registration for every new player you refer to No Boyz Allowed. Refer 5 or more players and you score a free season of dodgeball! (Note: New players must write your full name upon registering for the referral to count.)

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