No Boyz Allowed

2018 Fall League Champions: I Believe HER!

Welcome to the No Boyz Allowed League!

We are located west of Santa Monica Blvd. and N La Brea Ave. at the Poinsettia Rec Center.

This is an all-girl league and is perfect for newbies and veterans alike. Registration closes 2 days prior to the first day of the season to accommodate an open play scout and draft by captains. All players will be drafted onto teams and gameplay will begin the week after. This league plays with an active neutral zone. All games are played with the official no-sting rubber dodgeball of the World Dodgeball Society to sweet tunes all night.

Foam & No-Sting!
We’re excited to announce the introduction of foam into No Boyz this season! Weeks will alternate between no-sting and foam balls, with two separate championships at the end of the season.

No-Sting Overview:
  • 7 WDS no-sting balls
  • 15-second burden
  • Burden (ball control) count resets after majority balls are turned over to the opposing team
Foam Overview:
  • 6 WDBF balls
  • 10-second burden
  • Burden (ball control) count resets after a ball is thrown across the center line by either team

Winter 2019 Kickoff: Wednesday, February 6th

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Pre-Season Open Gym: January 30th
Open gyms are from 8-10PM, open to all skill levels. FREE if you’ve already registered, $5 for everyone else.

  • Game Day: Wednesdays
  • Location: Poinsettia Rec Center
  • Match Times: 8:00-9:00PM or 9:00-10:00PM
  • Cost: $65 for 10 weeks
  • TeamsAll-girl draft league
  • After Party: The Parlor

Player Referral Program
Get $10 off your next season’s registration for every new player you refer to No Boyz Allowed. Refer 5 or more players and you score a free season of dodgeball! (Note: New players must write your full name upon registering for the referral to count.)

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