So you’re ready to join a league. What’s the next step?

1.) Pick a League: We have leagues throughout California and each has its own style and personality. Leagues run during three main 10-week seasons – Winter, Summer and Fall – and each has their own start dates that generally kick off in February, June and September. Check out our league calendar or follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop.

Southern California

Open Now: Silver Lake (No-Sting), Silver Lake (Foam), Hollywood(Cloth), No Boyz Allowed, Westchester


Northern California

On Hiatus: West LA, San Francisco, Long Beach


2.) Sign Up – Register solo, with a buddy or two or as a full team. During registration, you’ll be able to list teams you’d like to join or friends to play with and we’ll do our best to meet your requests. Free agents will be placed with a team based on the overall balance of the league.

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3.) Learn the Ropes – The basics are the same as grade school but we’ve got a couple of rules you definitely should know before you hit the courts.

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4.) Show Up & Play! – Jamboree is the first week of each season in which we cover the basic introduction and rules overview, then it’s 9 weeks of dodgeballin’ fun. If once a week isn’t enough for ya, you can always play in multiple leagues or hit up one of our many $5 for 2-hour open gyms to hone your skills.

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