General Policies


A pattern of harassment (in person or online) due to events occurring during dodgeball league and/or events brought to our attention will be reviewed by the administrative staff and may be grounds for suspension or expulsion.


While costumes are always welcome, the World Dodgeball Society prides itself on offering a safe and inclusive environment for players of all walks of life. The comfort and safety of our players is paramount at all WDS functions. As such, players wearing any attire deemed to be offensive or in violation of WDS’ code of conduct will be asked to change or remove that article of clothing.

If any player refuses to do so, they will be asked to leave the league or event for that night. Repeat infractions will result in that player’s permanent expulsion from that league and potentially all WDS functions.

Determinations of inappropriate attire will be at the discretion of the league managers or WDS administrators. If you have any questions regarding your attire, please be sure to consult your league manager or the League Director.


High Throws

High throws (including those that do not hit a player) can be interpreted as dangerous play and a risk to player safety. It is up to the referees to call high throw warnings and issue subsequent yellow or red cards when throws are deemed a danger to other players.


Headshots are defined as a throw in which the ball leaves the thrower’s hand and directly hits another player in the head. The intent of these rules are meant to deter high throws.

  • Rec Leagues (Westchester & Long Beach): If Player A takes a headshot and their head is above standing chest-level (i.e. standing up, jumping), the thrower is out. If Player A’s head is below standing chest-level when hit (i.e. crouching, ducking, squatting), the thrower is safe. Players who receive headshots are always safe as there is no 3-point rule in rec leagues.
  • Open Leagues: A standing headshot is defined as any direct hit to the head (the entire head, above the neck) while the player is standing upright. If the player is crouching, leaning, bending or in the act of moving from his or her natural standing position,* they will not be considered standing. A natural standing position is one in which the person is flat-footed and standing upright. Three-point headshots are considered a legal hit. All other headshots are safe for all players.


Suicides are defined as a player jumping across the center line and throwing at an opposing player. Suicides are only allowed in open and advanced leagues. A player who suicides in a rec league may receive a warning or yellow/red card.

Refunds, Replacements & Subs


Players may request a full refund from the League Manager(s), minus the $6 processing fee, prior to game 1 or the second week of the league if there is no jamboree. Players may also opt to transfer registration to a future season or to another league of equal value. Refund situations which occur after game 1 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Replacement Players

Teams are requested to select replacement players at equal or lesser skill level to the departing player. All replacement players, regardless of gender, are subject to league manager approval. Replacement situations which occur after the replacement player deadline will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Replacement Player Process

  1. Captains must notify the League Manager(s) before the replacement deadline regarding departing/incoming players.
  2. Once approved by the League Manager(s), an email with the steps necessary to complete the process will be sent to the departing player, replacement player and both captains.
  3. Replacement players must register via Bonzi and pay the $6 processing fee in order to complete the registration process. Players who do not complete registration risk forfeiture of all games in which they play.


  • Subs may be subject to league manager approval when prior stated to the league.
  • Subs may play for more than one team per game day.
  • A player (male or female) may sub for anyone (male or female) as long as the sub is of comparable skill level to the player they are subbing for and the male/female ratio is met on the court.
  • Subs are responsible for knowing all rules and league policies.
  • All subs must sign the insurance waiver and pay the sub fee for each game in which they’re subbing prior to starting play or be held to the “illegal player rule” and risk forfeiture of all games in which they play.
  • Sub fees for WDS leagues is $5, except for No Boyz Allowed ($6) and Tourney Style ($10).

If you have a suggestion or additional questions or concerns regarding WDS policies, please feel free to contact us at