Sunday Foam

Legends of The Fall: Tyler and His Stacked Team

Welcome to the Sunday Foam League!

We are located at 826 Lucile Ave, Los Angeles CA 90026, at the Bellevue Rec Center.

Foam League is coming to Bellevue Rec on Sundays! Sign up with a buddy or solo for this Buddy Draft League. It's gonna be an 8-week season with multiple matchups per week and a 1-day,super dodgebowl playoff to conclude the season. We seek to make this a more competitive league and will be playing all games with modified WDBF rules and 7" foam balls.

Note: While we want everyone to experience Sunday Foam and the advanced level of play, we cannot guarantee spots so please sign up today as space is limited!

Fall 2023 Kickoff: Sunday, September 24th

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  • Game Day: Sundays, 8-week season concludes with a Super Ball Sunday Playoffs
  • Location: Bellevue Rec Center
    • 9/24: Week 1
    • 10/1: Week 2
    • 10/8: Week 3
    • 10/15: Week 4
    • 10/22: Week 5
    • 10/29: NO GAMES
    • 11/5: Week 6
    • 11/12: Week 7
    • 11/19: Week 8 Playoffs
  • Match Times: 1:00-2:00PM, 2:00-3:00PM 
  • Teams: TBD, but max of 8 players
  • Cost: $80 per player 
  • Subbing: $10 to sub 

League Format

  • Co-Ed: Teams must all meet the designated co-ed requirements to be determined at close of registration.
  • Waiver Subs: Teams in need of subs will select from a pool of approved, available players based on their position in the standings. The team positioned lowest in the standings will have the first choice, next lowest will have the second choice, so on and so forth.
  • Gameplay: Games will be played with 6 7" foam balls following WDBF Rules. All headshots are an out for the player hit.

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Standings & Schedule

Sunday Foam Standings - Fall 2023
# Team Points Matches Won Matches Lost Matches Tied Games Won Games Lost Differential
Rankings based on the following order: overall record points, (win = 3 points; tie = 1; lose = 0), head-to-head play, game differentials and most games won.


Sunday Foam Schedule - Fall 2023
Date   Time Team Team Court Ref
9/24   1:00p  Team 1 Team 2 Far  
Week 1   1:00p Team 3 Team 4 Potty  
    1:30p Team 1 Team 3 Far  
    1:30p Team 2 Team 4 Potty  
    2:00p Team 5 Team 6 Far  
    2:00p Team 7 Team 8 Potty  
    2:30p Team 5 Team 7 Far  
    2:30p Team 6 Team 8 Potty  
Week 2   1:00p     Potty  
    1:30p     Stage  
    1:30p     Potty  
    2:00p     Stage  
    2:00p     Potty  
    2:30p     Stage  
    2:30p     Potty  
    4:00p     Potty  
    4:30p     Stage  
    2:00p     Stage  
Week 3   2:00p        
    2:30p     Stage  
    3:00p     Stage MEAN / Joey
    3:00p     Potty KOJO
    3:30p     Stage MEAN / Joey
    3:30p     Potty KOJO
    2:00p FO(A)MO   Stage MAOF / Glen
Week 4   2:00p MEAN   Potty Brunchaholics
    2:30p Our Eldest Son   Stage MAOF / Glen
    2:30p FO(A)MO   Potty Brunchaholics
    3:00p GYST   Stage Tyler and His Stacked Team / Joey
    3:00p Brunchaholics   Potty MEAN
    3:30p MAOF   Stage Tyler and His Stacked Team / Joey
    3:30p GYST Brunchaholics Potty Foam Invasion
    4:00p KOJO Tyler and His Stacked Team Stage Justin / Zander (BYEEEE)
    4:00p Send Noods Fuegohoes Potty GYST / Chris
    4:30p Send Noods Tyler and His Stacked Team Stage Justin / Zander (BYEEEE)
    4:30p Fuegohoes KOJO Potty GYST / Chris
    2:00p Send Noods MAOF Stage Justin / Zander (BYEEEE)
Week 5   2:00p Tyler and His Stacked Team GYST Potty Our Eldest Son / Joey
    2:30p Tyler and His Stacked Team MAOF Stage Justin / Zander (BYEEEE)
    2:30p Send Noods GYST Potty Our Eldest Son / Joey
    3:00p Fuegohoes Our Eldest Son Stage Foam Invasion
    3:00p KOJO BYEEEE Potty MEAN / Glen
    3:30p KOJO FO(A)MO Stage Foam Invasion / Glen
    3:30p BYEEEE Our Eldest Son Potty Fuegohoes / Vivian
    4:00p MEAN Foam Invasion Stage KOJO
    4:00p Brunchaholics Fuegohoes Potty FO(A)MO / Chris
    4:30p     Stage KOJO
    4:30p     Potty Chris / Vivian
10/29 No Games
    2:00p       FO(A)MO / Chris
Week 6   2:00p   Fuegohoes Potty Our Eldest Son / Joey
    2:30p     Stage Chris / Joey
    2:30p   MEAN Potty Fuegohoes / Vivian
    3:00p Fuegohoes MAOF Stage Justin / Zander (BYEEEE)
    3:00p FO(A)MO Our Eldest Son Potty Send Noods
    3:30p MAOF Our Eldest Son Stage Justin / Zander (BYEEEE)
    3:30p Foam Invasion KOJO Potty Vivian / Send Noods
    4:00p Foam Invasion Brunchaholics Stage FO(A)MO / Glen
    4:00p GYST Send Noods Potty KOJO
    4:30p KOJO GYST Stage MAOF / Glen
    4:30p Send Noods Brunchaholics Potty Foam Invasion
    2:00p Send Noods Foam Invasion Stage Brunchaholics / Glen
Week 7   2:00p FO(A)MO Fuegohoes Potty Tyler and His Stacked Team
    2:30p FO(A)MO Send Noods Stage Brunchaholics / Glen
    2:30p Foam Invasion Fuegohoes Potty Tyler and His Stacked Team
    3:00p Brunchaholics Tyler and His Stacked Team Stage Justin / Zander (BYEEEE)
    3:00p Our Eldest Son GYST Potty Vivian / Send Noods
    3:30p Tyler and His Stacked Team Our Eldest Son Stage Justin / Zander (BYEEEE)
    3:30p GYST Brunchaholics Potty Vivian / Send Noods
    4:00p BYEEEE KOJO Stage GYST / Chris
    4:00p MAOF MEAN Potty Our Eldest Son / Joey
    4:30p KOJO MAOF Stage GYST / Chris
    4:30p BYEEEE MEAN Potty Our Eldest Son / Joey
    12:00p Seed 8 Seed 9 Stage Refs
Week 8 G2 12:00p Seed 5 Seed 12 Potty Refs
PLAYOFFS G3 12:50p Seed 7 Seed 10 Stage Refs
& FINALS G4 12:50p Seed 6 Seed 11 Potty Refs
  G5 1:40p G1 Winner Seed 1 Stage Refs
  G6 1:40p G2 Winner Seed 4 Potty Refs
  G7 2:30p G3 Winner Seed 2 Stage Winner of G5
  G8 2:30p G4 Winner Seed 3 Potty Winner of G6
  G9 3:20p G5 Winner G6 Winner Stage Refs
  G10 3:20p G7 Winner G8 Winner Potty Refs
  G11 4:10p G9 Winner G10 Winner Stage Refs